pls god……don’t let him be a fuckboy

Anonymous asked: Can you make an au meme where Harry is a real mean ass bitch?

desstyles: Just found this photo of H doing some domestic work at Nanny S’s in 1997. Aahhh? X

Paris, France - June 20th, 2014


if harry cuts his hair any time soon i’m gonna be both devastated and shocked, he is having way too much fun choosing between buns and leaving it down and headscarves and shit

“The funny thing is, I hate the word ‘fame’ because I don’t think it should define someone. You often hear people say, ‘This is when he was famous and then after that he wasn’t as famous,’ which seems to mean that the person is a failure now because he’s not as famous as he once was. It’s like a timeline. People seem to use that period when someone was famous as a barometer of failure. In that sense I don’t like the word.” — Harry, Who We Are Autobiography + (via styzles)